aupces Corporate

aupces stands for According the Universe Politely and Care with Efficient Service. We are serving in the fields of  Tourism, Human Resource, Education and Event Management since 2011, with more satisfied clients with more cities and countries. aupces was formed so that the strongest, most capable independent company could serve national, international and multinational clients. Through aupces clients have on-demand access to in depth satisfaction and functional comfort. aupces focuses on nine countries including UAE, France, Spain & Singapore.

Our Mission

To provide social and environmentally responsible incoming the solutions in India. Satisfying the desires of our clients, exceeding their expectations and turning their commitment into a memorable experience    

Our Values

Excellence: Distinction in our daily tasks, seeking to improve day by day. Responsibility: Involvement in carrying out our work rigorously, overseeing our company’s resources and looking after the services we offer our clients. Loyalty: Commitment to our company, our clients and our colleagues. Respect: Obedience to the company’s procedures, always considering the clients’ needs and maintaining harmony between co-workers. Readiness: Willingness and determination to accomplish our work.